Using the Copy Center

With every request, include the answer to these two questions: Where are you? How many copies do you want?

Physical Copy Requests

  • If sending Card Stock, please leave it in the wrapper. The copier eats less of the expensive paper if it knows the right weight.
  • If you are making group copies please use (# sets of #), i.e. 4 sets of 50
    • Or, if the numbers are different: Initials Quantity / Initials Quantity, i.e. AB 105 / CD 95 / EF 40
  • We sort first by your due date. So if you have questions about a job, I will only find it by that date.
  • You may want to plan an extra day or so on your end.
  • Please send originals on white paper. Darker colored pages, like our goldenrod, is picked up as background and will look horrendous.
  • Please circle where you would like the copies delivered.
  • Please throw away, eat or burn all remaining liquid “White-Out” correction-product-slime-goop-stuff.
  • And please do not sent originals coated in “White-Out” or with flappy bits taped together. The copier finds these especially tasty and delicious!

Digital Copy Requests

  • Please make you Subject Line your Due Date! (People only ever email me about “copies”)
  • Send PDF’s for optimal quality!
  • Please tell me where you would like the copies delivered. Most everyone has a signature that I refer too, but alas, not everyone.
  • How many copies do you want?

Fair Use, Copyright and Creative Commons

Get the most out of your printed materials by using safe content. Watch the video below to learn about Fair Use, copyright laws, and the popular resource website, Creative Commons,

 Copyright Basics for Teachers
 Royce Kimmons
 Published on May 11, 2016