Finishing Options

Back-to-Back or Single-Sided

You can choose to print something back-to-back, using both sides of the paper, or single-sided, which only uses one side of the paper no matter how many pages a document contains. It is recommended that staff print back-to-back when they are able because this saves pallets of paper.


Copies can be stapled in the left corner, whether they are printed portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). Two staples can also be placed on the long or short side of the paper.

We can staple about 50-80 pages maximum, depending on the thickness or weight of the paper you choose. 

Hole Punch

The printers can punch holes in copies while they are printing but not after they finish printing. 

To Collate or not to Collate

Collated pages are printed in order, like a novel. Non-collated pages are printed in their own separate stacks, like a stack of menus.

If you request staples, your copies will automatically be collated.

Booklets and Packets

Hamburger fold
Stapled on the spine
11x17 folded makes an 8½ x 11 booklet
8½ x 11 paper makes a 5½ x 8½ booklet
Stapled in the top left corner
OR two staples on the top or side
Oriented either landscape or portrait 


Tri-folds will either be C-folds or Z-folds, depending on how you want the panels to lay. The fold names indicate how the machines will fold the paper.