Booklets & Packets

Even More About Finishing Options: Booklets & Packets

  • Booklets are created from large paper that is folded in half
  • Booklets are based on a 4-page groupings. When the paper for the booklet is folded in half, it provides space for content on the outside front, inside left, inside right, and outside back pages. Booklets of 4, 8, 12, etc. are just pieces of paper folded and stacked together. The copiers will add extra blank pages at the end.
  • This count only matters if you have something that must be on the back cover.
  • The copiers have Booklet Layout as a feature function. It is easy to apply to your file or paper originals; just leave them as regular single- or double-sided copies and let the copiers figure it out!

Booklet Layout

4-page Booklet - 1 sheet of paper (4 x 1)
 1st piece of paper  Page 4  Page 1  Back and front covers
   Page 2  Page 3  Centerfold

8-page Booklet - 2 sheets of paper (4 x 2)

 1st piece of paper  Page 8  Page 1   Back and front covers 
   Page 2   Page 7   Inside front and back covers 
 2nd piece of paper  Page 6   Page 3  
   Page 4  Page 5  Centerfold

12-page Booklet - 3 sheets of paper (4 x 3)
 1st piece of paper  Page 12  Page 1  Back and front covers
   Page 2  Page 11  Inside front and back covers
 2nd piece of paper  Page 10  Page 3  
   Page 4  Page 9  
 3rd piece of paper  Page 8  Page 5  
   Page 6  Page 7  Centerfold

Booklets stagger or alternate pages, even–odd and odd–even. The numbering goes down to the bottom and then back up, flipping the pages over so they line up. The centerfold is the only piece that the pages that are in numerical order and don't end up separated by other pages. 

A booklet with 48 pages would have 12 sheets of paper and something on the back. 49 pages would leave the last three pages blank and add a 13th piece of paper.