Meeting Information

School Board Regular Meetings Public Comment

Public comment is taken only at regular board meetings, not work sessions. If you wish to address the School Board at a regular meeting, you must complete a Public Comment Form before the start of the meeting. Once your form is turned in, you will be asked to come forward at an appropriate time during the meeting. Non-agenda items are addressed at the beginning of the meeting. All other agenda items are addressed in the order of the board meeting agenda, unless the agenda is amended.

To encourage community participation and to conduct meetings properly and efficiently, the following processes have been established for people who wish to address the School Board at a regular meeting:

1. Five (5) minutes per individual.  Individuals may not merge allocated speaking minutes or defer allocated speaking minutes to other speakers on the same topic.

2. Individuals presenting to the School Board must identify themselves and/or any group they are representing. Individuals may offer comments on their own behalf and do not need to be affiliated with a larger group.

3. Present comments in a respectful and professional manner.  Vulgarity, character abuse or specific complaints identifying staff, students or citizen committee members will not be permitted.

4. Electronic presentations will not be permitted, however written summaries are accepted.

The School Board will not respond to or discuss comments. The Superintendent may be asked to prepare a future response to specific questions. The Board Chair or designee will terminate the remarks of any individual that does not adhere to the established guidelines.

More about the district’s requirements can be found in Board Policy 206

School Board Schedules Listening Sessions

The ISD 199 School Board Listening Sessions are designed to create a more informal setting for residents to engage in conversations with board members about school or district concerns. Representatives from the school board will be available during these sessions to discuss issues with Inver Grove Heights residents.

2020-2021 School Board  Virtual Listening Sessions
Monday, November 23, 2020
Monday, February 22, 2021
Monday, April 26, 2021
Each listening session will be held from 5:00-5:25 PM before the night's regular board meeting. Please sign up to speak at the listening session at least 48 hours in advance by submitting a Virtual Listening Session Form, or calling 651-306-7156 closer to the listening session date. This ensures we have the appropriate staff members on hand to answer questions and address concerns. Si prefiere completar el formulario en español, haga clic aquí para inscribirse en una Sesión de escucha virtual.
  • Depending on the number of forms submitted, the facilitator may need to set time limits to ensure all topics are addressed.
  • If many persons wish to speak on the same topic, the board chair may ask that a spokesperson be designated to allow more time for discussion.
  • While comments and questions on issues are welcome, law prohibits the board from discussing concerns about individual employees or students in public meetings. Please forward comments regarding individuals to the superintendent.
  • If additional conversation or follow-up is necessary, the superintendent (or designee) will direct a staff member to contact you.

Board Minutes

Each month, board minutes are approved for the previous month's meeting. For example, June minutes get approved at the July board meeting. Official board minutes are posted once they are approved by the school board.

Board Packets and Agendas January 1, 2015 to Present:

Board Packets from July 2014 - December 2014:
September 22, 2014 Amended Board Packet
September 22, 2014 Board Packet
August 18, 2014 Board Packet
July 14, 2014 Board Packet